The Art & Craft of Creative Photography


Learn photography from a passionate and patient educator who wants to help
beginners & the advanced alike reach the next level of craft & creativity.

Tim Porter’s photographs are exhibited internationally and found in museum and gallery collections including National Gallery of Canada & Galerie Didier Devillez

His workshops are small, friendly, supportive and fun !
For more information, please email Tim

 01.  PORTRAIT & FASHION WORKSHOPS Offer intensive hands-on education in professional studio photography, natural lighting, model direction and retouching.

photo: Tim Porter / model: Maria / makeup: Marimax / hair: Chikuma
Please visit: “Your Best Shots” by Karen Regan

02. NATURE & GARDEN WORKSHOPS Teach how to go beyond the ordinary and create memorable nature and garden images. All aspects of landscape photography are covered
with an emphasis on composition and the poetry of natural 

Please visit: “Paradise: The Gardens of Tokyo“

03. STREET PHOTOGRAPHY (FOR SHY PEOPLE) All the world’s a stage for the curious street photographer. These intensive workshops teach street technique and will move you out of your comfort zone to make daring, compassionate images.

photo: Tim Porter / Sidewalk, New York /  1972

04. BLACK & WHITE DARKROOM WORKSHOPS The magic of black & white printing is something every photographer must experience. Here you will learn the fundamentals and bring home beautiful prints, ready for framing.

Please visit: Tokyo Darkroom WorkshopsThomas’s darkroom in Antonioni’s 1966 film”Blowup” 

Taking the picture is just the first step in making a great photograph. Students will be taught mastery of the Digital Darkroom, with intensive tutoring in Photoshop and/or Lightroom.

– Small, friendly, supportive and fun –

Please email Tim for more information


New in 2019

Bespoken photo tours for individuals, couples and small groups who would like to experience Japan through the art of photography with an experienced and enthusiastic Canadian guide.

Please see: Japan Creative Photo Tours