Learn Creative Photography In Tokyo

Learn The Art and Craft of Creative Photography with Tim Porter

Tim’s photographs are exhibited internationally and are held in private
and museum collections, including The National Gallery of Canada.

Tim Porter is a passionate and patient educator who wants  to
take you to the next level in digital and film photography.



Offers hands-on instruction in professional studio lighting, studio
techniques and model direction at Harajuku Studio.
This is enjoyable learning with the coolest and delightful
professional models and makeup artists in Tokyo!

Harajuku Studio, in the very heart of the Tokyo fashion district,
offers a great professional shooting and learning environment.
You’ll learn an extensive selection of Comet lighting gear -
including soft boxes, beauty dishes and ring flashes.

Saturdays from 11:30 – 16:30

Maximum class size is five students

Please read about the Studio Workshops here:
Your Best Shot by Karen Regn

Tim_Porterphoto: Tim Porter / model: Akina / makeup: Marimix / hair: Chikuma



Teaches how to go beyond the picture postcard and create memorable
nature and garden photographs 
in beautiful and sublime natural
locations around Tokyo. 
With special emphasis on capturing
the poetry of natural light and the sense of ‘being there’.

Weekends  from 12:30 – 16:30

Maximum class size is six students

Please see Tim’s Paradise: The Gardens of Tokyo here:
Tim Porter – Paradise: The Gardens of Tokyo

Tim_Porterphoto: Tim Porter / Kyu-Furukawa Gardens / Tokyo


Shooting the picture is only the first step in creating a great photograph.
Students will also be taught how to master the Digital Darkroom.

With Photoshop, Aperture 5 and/or Lightroom 3, you will learn all the
professional adjustments: Crop, Colour, Exposure, Contrast,
Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, Clarity, Vibrance,
Saturation, Tone Curve, Sharpen and Retouching.

Our Workshops are small, friendly, inspiring and supportive.
They are available as a set of five classes in either or both
Studio and Nature Photography. Students don’t have
to attend every weekend and can take as long as
they wish to complete their programme. 

For more information, please email:


 I hope to be your teacher and trusted mentor.

- Serving Tokyo’s photographic community since 1999 -